About Brianna

These are just some of the notes Brianna would write

The best of life will over come you. You will think it's all just perfect, then it goes all down hill. Don't ever think that. It will all be good, if you really want it to be. I've had my emo like days. Yes indeed. I still dress like it? Duh! Don't mess it up. Live life to the fullest, Remember, we only have one. So have hella fun! Don't be scared to get down and dirty, Because life ain't clean (: My life is like oohhh ahhh, because I make it like that, never be fake, never be anyone else, but you! (: I'm only me, yess, we have went through this. More coming as well. Ha. NEVER FORGET, NEVER GIVE UP!


♥First of all. Hi! I'm Bree!♥

Let's get all this straight. This will explain only a little of me, and the rest is for you to find out on your own journey (: I'm done with drama for one, If you come to me to try and start it, have fun. You won't go far with that. I'm not the type to go along with EVERTHINGG. But I will go along with most. If you don't enjoy the way I work so far, don't get your hopes up. Because this is just the beginning. Wanna do something spontaneous? You came the the right girl. Wanna be friends? Hi, let's be best friends. Feel like jumping off a cliff? I'm right behind you. I'll do ANYTHING for my friends. But, love me or hate me it won't matter to me. It will all be the same. You can say whatever, think whatever, or hear whatever. I know what's true and what's not. Want to spread rumors? Go ahead. It shows you are the immature one. I give, and I get. But if you don't give, you won't get. Trust is one I do like to give. If I give you my trust, I do expect you to be careful, because once you mess up, you won't get my full trust back. It's up to you, to be a good or a bad friend, so I will leave it up to you.

Now, Let's get the rest down! I know I'm young, yep yep yep. But my mind is not even close to set. I change. Everyday. I might be happy one, and sad the next. Or even girly one day. You think that's weird? Nahh. You're the weird one if you are the same all the time. I know what I aim for, And I won't stop till I get it right. Yeah, I have some bad choices, I also have good choices. Life won't be entertaining if we are perfect, now will it? I think not. We lose, only to gain better. Some do not understand that concept yet, but don't worry. You will soon. I know I don't get all of my life, on the fact it has just started. I will always follow my heart. Don't act like me, because a failed attempt will that be. I am different everyday. No, I don't plan this. I will never be a follower, but a leader! You think you can control me? Tell me what to do? Ha. See what happens you try this. Don't actually. Terrible idea. Let's move on. Shall we? Yes, Indeed!

" Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." - James Dean. I live up to that quote. It's a no brainer. I've walked this road a lot.... no thanks to you. And now I realized what road I need to take, I've ventured miles away from the path I first took. Don't follow my path, take your own. It's the best.

Wanna get to know me. Good. I wanna get to know you. Just don't mess up. Okay? Good(: I want you to think of me the RIGHT way. Not the way people think I am, by being hypocrytical. Don't judge me, alright man? I know the rights and wrongs. But I still manage to mess up. I can admit that. yes, let's all just admit we mess up. A lot. It's not our fault. It's life.

I do know that we have to work up on things. Make progress because great things in life NEVER come easy. Maybe I wasn't meant for doing this. Maybe I am. Let me figure that out.

Boyfriends? Pshh. Not anymore. If I like a guy. We can be good friends. Boyfriends are all I need right now.